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Susan Joseph

  • Professor/Program Coordinator - Humber College, Etobicoke

  • Certified Red Seal Pastry Chef

  • Student in Adult Education Brock University

About Me

Becoming more involved in education through trusteeship is something that I have aspired to for several years, and now that my children are in secondary school, I can commit to this position and do my best to enact positive change wherever and whenever possible.  I have been a full-time educator within the postsecondary sector since 2015, and was a contract employee four years prior to that.  During 2017, I participated in a job action against my employer, the Ontario Government and college management, which was “the longest labour stoppage in the history of the Ontario college system” (University of Toronto, 2024) and resulted in binding arbitration, after more than 5 weeks on the picket line, in solidarity with Academic Faculty across the province.

I learned many valuable lessons during that time, and realized that Ontario’s education system was struggling in every tier due to political interference and funding reductions.  Those who suffered the most during that time were the students, who did not receive financial recompense or even added curricular time.  Since the provincial election in 2018, I have witnessed an already-precarious system collapse even further, as teachers are disregarded and even maligned by government representatives, even as they try to work within a broken system.

More recently, I have watched bigotry and hate speech infiltrate the education system in Canada.  I deeply respect, and promote, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  I will do what is in my power to support and advocate for all students, and to stand firmly against hate, bigotry and discrimination.  Compassion and empathy are values that I hold dear, and no student should ever feel maligned or bullied.

University of Toronto. (2024, 05 11). Ontario - A Selection of Notable Strikes. Retrieved from University of       Toronto Library Guides:                  Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library:


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