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"As the heartbeat of public education, teachers and other education workers play a critical role in helping to shape the system and develop our students to be the very best they can be"

Building Better Schools, 2024

  • Public education in Ontario has been pushed to the breaking point through inadequate and poorly allocated funding 
  • Governance has failed to support public education in Ontario
  • Students need advocacy and change to reach their full potential

As a proud member of OPSEU Local 562, I fully support all unions working within the education sector in Ontario.  



As a parent and a full-time educator, I feel that our schools are in trouble and need diverse, caring voices to advocate for improvements.  In Ontario, students in public education experience ever-increasing class sizes, decreasing resources, and overworked teachers.  Teachers must do more with less, and juggle many roles in today’s classrooms.  As trustee, I will dedicate myself to learning how to better support students and teachers through dedication to understanding the complex structures within public education.

  • Supporting students and teachers through advocacy for improvements to funding and reductions in class sizes

  • Ensuring that students who need specialized supports have an advocate

  • Embrace the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all students

  • Maintaining integrity, honesty and offering support wherever possible

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